#00023 0 Yorum Pamporovo Ski Village Bulgaristan, Pamporovo

Bulgaristan'da bulunan ve en rağbet gören kayak merkezi Pamporovo, aralık ayının ortasından, nisanın ortalarına kadar kayak yapmaya elverişlidir

Pamporovo is good value for money with a cost of living of around a third of other European ski resorts. The resort boosts an average of 270 sunny days a year making it the sunniest mountain resort in Europe and the winter snow cover is reliable with an average depth of 140-150cm during the ski season.
Pamporovo is popular with beginners and children and is one of the best places in the world to learn to ski. There is a number of first-class ski schools with English speaking instructors to choose from. It is an all year around holiday resort, with summer temperatures ranging from 20 - 30c.
Pamporovo Ski Village nestles amid the magnificent pine forests of a Nature Reserve in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, There are tailor-made ski tracks totalling 25km with runs for all levels from beginners to advanced skiers as well as cross country and snowboarding. Pamporovo has a state of the art ski lift beng the only one of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula and ranked second in Europe.
For apres ski, Pamporovo offers a whole host of contemporary bars, restaurants, shops and other facilities. Many offer free transport and will come to the village to collect you and return you when you are ready to leave. Nearby is the very picturesque town of Smolyan, very cosmopolitan with a whole array of restaurants, trendy bars, shops, boutiques and leisure facilities.